I'm Ready

I woke up yesterday morning to a gray, misty day. I looked out the window and saw plants that seemed to be rising to greet the moisture. It rained most of the last three days on our mountain and I thought, next week is going to be full of growth, the warm weather will reappear and I may just get some ripe Roma tomatoes from my garden. This morning I went through my daily routine and as I looked out the window I knew...Summer is ending here on the mountain. There is a transitional moment when you can feel the seasons change. We will still see some sunny days, but summer, here at least, is winding down. The city always sees some sort of a late return to sultry days, but on our mountain we've transitioned. And I am ready. I lit a fire in the wood stove on Friday night (a dark stormy night) and although I didn't have it going long waking to a house that felt dried out and comfortably cool felt great. I love going out to release the birds and look up to see our mountain misty in the background. IMG_4627  I've been gathering plants and flowers in a lazy, as I have time to process way. No more. Now begins the rush of harvesting Hops, Calendula, Vervain, Bee Balm, Meadowsweet, Catnip, and so many others that will need a warm wood stove to help them dry a bit before being added to honey, tincture, glycerin, oil or dried for tea. I love this time of year! I am ready for a change. I'm wearing a sweater and have one on the knitting needles. Soon the wild mushrooms will be popping up around Mt Hood. We are getting the trailer ready for that last trip of the season to gather and eat mushrooms at the camp fire. A few may even make it home. I'm also watching my harvest spots of Elder and Hawthorn berries. So close. They should be perfectly ripe by the time I finish with the garden. Again, I'm ready. Syrups, vinegars, jellies and teas are in my future. I can't wait! I'm also looking towards the Fall Equinox. This year it falls on a Thursday (September 22). I'm playing with the idea of gathering people together that sell lovely herbal products, seasonal food products, a Tarot reader, a masseuse, maybe offer a class of two. This is going to be somewhat casual as it is fast coming up. It would be in Portland, it would be a room full of lovers of the green, the mystical and products that reflect a love of place. We'll see if this comes together. I'll keep you posted.

Today's tea has some wonderful herbs to ease me through the seasonal changes--Oat Straw, Rose, Tulsi, Nettle and Lemon Verbena. Makes for a lovely afternoon tea and with the addition of a fruity Green Tea I'm feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed as I work with customers and on projects.

Enjoy this seasonal shift. Look to what needs to be finished up so that you can transition into what lies ahead.