A New Website

Today launches a new online home for Chicken Coop Botanicals. This move and rebranding has been happening behind the scenes for a while. I will keep my Etsy store open with some items, but the majority will be here. This whole project would not have been possible without my dear neice and her beau. Thank you beyond words Mikola and Jacob!!! They created the new logo , label formatting and Mikola is the photographer behind the product and farm photos you will find on the website.

The last week has been hard. I, like many went through the stages of grief one feels when all that you thought your future held comes to a sudden, and painful, halt. We, the white middle class, now feel the uncertainty that so many groups of people in this country have been feeling for a very long time. Hopefully any lethargy that this country felt is gone. We are wide awake and paying attention--The Revolution is Coming in Loud and Clear! Because that is what many Americans are asking for. If we want to see real change in the future of this country we will each have a roll to play. We all have our talents whether you are the protester, the writer, the organizer or the healer you are needed; we are all needed. I can only hope that people will work together to protect those that will be most vulnerable with the projected changes in the near future. I feel strongly that we need to be thoughtful in our actions and our words. I am not promoting or suggesting that the violence should continue. Peaceful protest, write letters, have conversations, make sure the information you are taking in is really true. Share your skills and knowledge. Most importantly show compassion for those you don't understand, but support and love those that you know are truly right in their beliefs! For me, I could only get back to work on this website so that I can offer you Wellness products that might help keep us calm and healthy and grounded in who we are at our very core.

I have groups and issues that I have supported both recently and for many years. With this new online home I wanted to give you the opportunity to give back with every purchase here at Chicken Coop Botanicals. Each season I will be giving 10% of all sales to support an issue I feel very drawn towards. I have given money to the Herbalists that are helping people at the Standing Rock Reservation in recent months. I feel strongly that we need to be vigilant in standing strong for clean water rights for all. As well we need support what is right in this country and this situation is in no way right! For the winter season (until the Spring Equinox) Chicken Coop Botanicals and You will Support the Water Protectors.

I really wanted to get the shop open so that you can find healing support for troubled times and to keep you calm as you go into the holiday season. This is by far not a finished website. I'll be adding new items frequently so make sure to check back. The Podcast will be back with a new episode early next week.