Getting a bit more personal

When I moved this blog from a personal Wordpress site to be hosted within my business website I felt that I needed to remove more personal information. I wanted the blog to show my love for the usefulness of plants, Pagan holiday thoughts, a bit of my life on this mountain. All more personal thoughts or the daily photo of an herb or knitted sock have moved to Instagram. 

I have done this with my website as well. I took 'I' right out of the descriptions in a effort to make this site look as professional as possible. But I am beginning to see that as a mistake. The only we here at Chicken Coop Botanicals are the plants and I. There is not a staff that labels your products or packs your orders. Personal stories that I have about the products or plants used or the gathering process you will find only in the New Moon newsletter. That comes out later today by the way. I've decided it's time to do a tad bit of revamping. I miss rambling blog posts. It doesn't matter if I'm the only one that reads them. This should be my writing outlet after all. Over time I am going to be changing some of the product descriptions as well. I think it's important that you know how I have worked with a product. Everything on this site is personally made by me and has a bit of my heart in it. The reason I created this company in the first place was that I had so many items I'd made for our family and friends' health that it made natural sense to carry it over into helping others.

Also, I am always the student and a teacher. I am learning old ways of making tinctures I will begin to share with you as new products are ready to be added to the website. I had big plans of classes this summer but I've had health problems and a major death in the family. I plan to write about both. And about those classes in the very near future. It's about it get all personal up in here. Hope you're on board for that. 

The Podcast will return once I am completely healed from last week's surgery. Surgery? Yep. Something that you'll be reading about very soon. The basics of this month are over on Instagram.

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Tomorrow I have a birthday. We are going to go sit by a river in a canyon. High desert country is not a place I could live year round, but I need to visit at least a few times a year. That medicine of openness, dryness, the stark scenery that is so different from our green forest home, the scent of warm juniper and desert sage in the air is so healing to my soul. I've been going over to Oregon's high desert country (only a couple hours from where I live) for most of my life. I love to sit on the river bank or in a raft and watch Osprey and Bald Eagle fly over head, swooping down to gather up a jumping fish. This is where I gather Mullein, Desert Sage, Desert Lavender, Wild Mugwort, Juniper, Wild Rose and hips. It is a unique area and I feel different when I gather there than here. I can't explain it, but it feeds my soul in a way no other place does. This year that is what I need.

I am not quite ready to write here about my father's passing earlier this week or my surgery. But hope to write in a notebook while watching shadows across a canyon, people screaming as their rafts tumble over rapids of white water, Eagles screeching high above. Healing is not always found in a bottle folks. Get back to those places in nature that give you peace. The best healing happens there.