Listening along

My favorite type of a fall day

Is is rainy but with the perfect lighting outside. Truly a muted look at the autumn leaves. I have the Classical Piano Solos station on Pandora. There is a fire in the wood stove and bread rising nearby. The men are otherwise occupied and I am about to attack a bagful of Gotland locks. I'll just be teasing these inky black locks open to spin them. I did a test spin yesterday and I love how there will be just a bit of texture to this sweater's worth of fleece. I'm planning on a worsted weight yarn and a simple cardigan pattern from Amy King. I was thinking about adding in some gray angora, but I really love the natural color of this fleece and don't want to alter it in any way. If I really enjoy it I may just have to get another for blending.

Tomorrow I have a spinning friend joining me in the back room for fiber play. I really feel the season has changed when that room starts to get some action:) The bread rising today will be served tomorrow with some gingered butternut squash soup and baked apples. A truly fall lunch.

Last Tuesday was my sister's birthday and we had the soup without the ginger, but with fried sage leaves and almonds. Delicious! I am so in the fall frame of mind right now. Make sure to head on over to my foodie blog for some recipes and take a gander at what I'm doing in the kitchen.