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Quilting Tiles

Now there is an odd title.  You would expect quilting squares.  However, if you know me the word quilting is the odd one in the group.  I haven't added quilting to my craft repertoire as of yet.  But when I saw these wonderful old mosaic tiles in a church in Roma I thought of all the quilters I know.  I have a feeling these will resonate with you. Of course enough time has gone by and there were so many churches that I can not give you the name of the church where we found this unique floor.  And it was unique I didn't see anything like it anywhere else we visited.  It very much reminded me of an old patchwork quilt.  Which is funny since most of the old European churches are just that.  The amount of time it took (and the money needed) to finish these enduring buildings more times than not spanned over more than one person's lifetime.  Or they were often added on to with later clerics.  Just walking through any is a lesson in art history and the history of architectural styles.

IMG_0534 IMG_0538 IMG_0539 IMG_0535

In knitting, the baby blanket is finished.  I just need to block it.  I will do that, but I just had to jump into that wonderful Billy the Kid.  Tina just recently brought back this mohair blend.  And it is so wonderful to knit with!  I will be felting it and I'm finding that regretful as it is just so soft.  Happily I have some on the needles to finish a Praline sweater for a dear friend (in beautiful indigo blue that I dyed with Tina during the dye days last summer).  Lots of time to knit with a new favorite in my yarn basket.