Information-- overload or inspiration

I've been considering the amount of time I've been online lately.  It really is a fraction of the time I spent online with the yarn company.  However, that time was well spent work.  Now I find myself continuing to start the day with my coffee and iphone or laptop surfing twitter, facebook or ravelry.  But to what end?  I am not feeling inspired by these interactions and I am taking time away from my own creativity by spending that time reading about what others are doing.  Now don't get me wrong-I do want to interact with my friends and keep up on what is interesting and new in the knitting/spinning and cooking worlds.  But to what end?  At some point I think there has to be an end result or goal to web surfing.  Sister Diane has a great blog post about this subject today.  Make sure to check it out.  I am curious what your take is on this subject.

Back when I was a more serious blogger (before Ravelry, Twitter, etc) I had a round of blogs I visited with my morning Joe.  I found them to be inspiring on crafting and personal levels.  As each new website came along it took me farther and farther away from both the read of other blogs and from blogging myself.  My podcast took the place of the blog for quite a few years.  Now I am finding that I miss the time to write my thoughts (hence this blog).  I am also rethinking where I want my voice heard and whose voices I want to hear.  I can't quite bring myself to quit Facebook as I connect with so many family members as well as foodies there where I don't see them in other places.  But I already have stopped posting as often.  Twitter is my connection to my favorite knitting friends and I really like the instant conversation you can have.  But really, neither of these sites are where I want to be starting my day to get inspiration.  My husband pulls up the daily videos on the NYTimes for ipad.  I like having those varied stories to listen to while we are both still a little sleepy and thoughtful about things.

But I really want to get back to reading some interesting blog posts by friends and other crafty folks. Not necessarily even a craft I am involved in.  Right now I am really itching to learn to sew, but I know I'm not set up for that or have that kind of time.  However, I am going to find some blogs where I can vicariously enjoy others endeavors and maybe inspire me in some other way.  

What are some inspiring crafty (or just interesting) blogs you read?  My choices will start popping up on the sidebar.