shetland sheep

Dreaming of Shetland is ready!

You can now purchase the ebook project I told you about here. So excited to see this project get out in the world to help Deb Robson continue her research into the Shetland breed of sheep. I ran off and purchased my copy both the help her and so I don't miss out on any of these amazing 30 patterns and the stories included. Since there was such an out pouring of patterns donated to this project the organizers Donna and Anne decided to break it down into sections. I am very honored and excited to have a project in the ebook. You'll find my Shringar wristlets in part VI of the project. I love that the presentation of the ebook is staggered so that you have time to appreciate each section and group of patterns. I had a sneak peek of photos early on so I already have an idea which ones I can't wait to knit.

Here is a little sneak pic of my wristlets from Dreaming in Shetland-