Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped USPS, most often Priority mail, within three business days unless you have been otherwise notified. All packages are well padded and have complete information about the products you have ordered. You may find a little sample of something we are working on at the moment. Often these are just working ideas and do not appear on the website unless we receive customer requests.

If you receive a package that is damaged, missing an item or not what was listed on the website please email us at right away for a replacement or refund.

Know Your Body

Being an Herbalist involves studying and working with plants for many years (you never stop learning!). I have worked with people and animals over 25 years in many facets of plant sharing. Since beginning this company in 2013 I am fully dedicated to deepening all our experiences with the plants. I encourage you to research ingredients and please know your body and what is right for you before putting anything unfamiliar into it. I am required to say--The information we present on this website is for your knowledge only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent a condition or disease. If you are in acute pain or are taking allopathic medications seek advise from your medical professional before taking herbs into your body.