Everything in the Chicken Coop is created in small batches, with intention for healing. My mission is to create wellness for the whole person with whole plant energy while staying connected to nature's source.

All of the products I create are meant to be soothing to body, spirit and soul. The Chicken Coop is an apothecary built in an Alder and Cedar grove at the edge of a mountain meadow. 90% of the botanicals used are grown on this property on Mt Hood, in Oregon or personally wildcrafted within four hours of the Chicken Coop. This mountain rising before us offers the gifts of wild mushrooms, berries and useful plants. We wildcraft consciously and only in areas that are full of the plants we are seeking. Our family keeps a large kitchen garden, several herb gardens, an orchard and a wild meadow full of herbs and tasty weeds that are gathered and used in season, preserved in a menstrum or dried for teas. I also support other farmers and Bee keepers local to us.


Earth Friendly practices

In addition to my bio-regional practices, when I do source ingredients outside this region I’m looking for companies that do not use GMO adulterated plants. I do not use Palm oil because of the devastation the industry is causing in the world. I seek out organic products whenever possible. Please reuse or recycle all packing material!

personal consultations

Interested in products that are tailored to your needs? Please email me at info@chickencoopbotanicals.com for a questionnaire and time for in person, phone or Skype conversation. The initial cost is $50 which includes three products formulated for your personal use.

giving back

Each season I choose an organization and contribute 10% of our sales. I share about these organizations in our monthly newsletter

Blue Vervain flowering in the Summer Garden

Blue Vervain flowering in the Summer Garden