Episode 103--Don't Wish Your Life Away

It's been a very wet spring here on my bit of Mt Hood. But being present with the season and not wishing our lives away to something that is out past this is a theme in today's podcast.

I also have a group writing idea. Join me for #31daysWritinginMay Is there a subject you could write about every day for a month? A hobby, cooking, nature? I'll be writing about different plants. Not necessarily in the same genre each day. Come play along as we write for 15 min (maybe longer) each day. I love to do free writing in the morning. My mind is much more open and I'm more observant throughout the day when I do this on a regular schedule.  I'll post the plant I write about each day on Instagram with the hashtag. Join me with your own subject?

This article and book review from Brain Pickings about Beatrix Potter and her mushroom illustrations is so interesting. Care to join me over on Goodreads for a read along?

There is just one day left to sign up for the Intuitive Plant Medicine class being offered by One Willow Apothecary. Join me as a student in this 8 week deep dive into the magic of nature. Even though many of the activities are part of my daily life already there are deeper levels of learning and experiencing that I look forward to participating in. Asia is a wonderful teacher and the plants will be as well:)

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