Episode 203--The Energy of Life

Watching the garden grow and bloom even though we've had some dreary summer weather has me thinking of how we push through stagnancy and stress as well. How does that effect those plants and ourselves.

Also is this episode:

Today’s tea—Nettle, Linden, Red Clover, Lemon Balm (available at this week’s farmer’s market)

The Whistle Stop

Animal stories

Milky Oats for resiliency (Elixir and Glycerite)

Rose for calming and cooling (Elixir and Body oil and Lip Balm)

The Fermentation Summit I am not affiliated but I will be listening in

Some of my favorite Fermentation books:

Anything by Sandor Katz or Pascal Baudar plus follow all those Amazon links to discover other great reads

The Celestial happenings this summer

The Lost Queen, by Signe Pike

Lammas online course

Lammas companion kit

Filming for a new course series